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Welcome to Rehab x

The First Integrated Firefighter Rehab Digital Solution

Intuitive Design

Like all Batt3 products, intuitive design takes the center stage. You will be amazed at how easy it is to track individuals and companies through rehab.

Warning Notification

Abnormal vital signs recorded for a firefighter will trigger a red warning label on that member's profile.

Intake Records

As part of the complete tracking of firefighter rehab, Rehab Pro enables you to track what, and how much. the firefighter has eaten and drank.

Command Integration

Coming Soon. Command will be able to see the status of companies in rehab from their ICx command board. They will see how long until they are ready fro assignment and if there is a company with a questionable ability to return.


Take several sets of vitals for each member of each company throughout the rehab period and they are all saved in an easy to read format, with the ability to send out a report upon request and consent.

Physician Documentation

Utilizing the records from your last several emergency events and training allows the firefighters physician a complete exertion health history that is job related.


This program is just finishing development and entering testing with some of our client departments. For more information, or to have your department volunteer for the beta testing of this program, contact Batt3 on the contact page or email


NFPA 1584 is the standard on the rehabilitation process for members during emergency operations and training exercises. Your department should be providing rehab services to your members to help ensure their safety.

The Leading cause of death to firefighters is stress and health related.

Rehab must be part of your departments health and safety plan

Rehab Pro is the best method for maintaining vital records of rehab and integrating it into the command post.

  • + The Rehab Process

    Rehab x will assist your record keeping of firefighter rehab on emergency scenes and training. Connected to the command post, Rehab x will guide availability of resources and give the IC a good idea of resource fit levels for deployment.

  • + Leading Cause of Death

    It is no surprise that firefighters suffer a higher than average number of medical conditions, including death from sudden cardiac events. Rehab x is designed to provide a system to ensure good rehab for firefighters to eliminate dangerous fitness conditions.

  • +Making A Difference

    Utilizing Rehab x will be a big part in a rehab program for firefighters, making medical information more prominent in the decision making process on resource deployment.


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ICx 3.0 Released

JAN 2016


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