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ICx: Incident Command x

Command, Control, and Fireground Accountability

ICx Version 3.0 Now Available



Battalion 3's digital command and control solution, ICx is the easiest to use command post program on the market. It is a full-featured program that allows the users virtually unlimited freedom in configuration. ICx was built by incident commanders, for incident commanders. Utilizing a unique approach of design, ICx emulates an old-school command board for a rapid learning curve. Everyone who tries this program for the first time finds it the most intuitive digital command board they have ever seen.


Designed and built for the rigors of the emergency services command post. Easy to use with a ton of useful features.

Highly Configurable

Make your digital tactical worksheet match your departments SOPs and policies. Build custom incident type templates for all of your needs.

Pre Incident Planning

Build preplans for your target hazards inside ICx to increase building awareness during emergencies. Also has the ability to add photos and floorplans.

Useful Tools

Timers, benchmarks, DOT ERG embedded, PAR tool, adding resources on the fly, and Preplanning module are just some of the useful tools included in ICx.


Enhanced on scene accountability is handled through the merging of ICx with a scheduling software, such as FireRoster to tell who is on your scene.


The incident log tracks your moves throughout the scene and is available for after action review, or to place into our nfirs reports.

ICx Overview Video

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Utilizing a digital command board, tactical worksheet, and accountability tool ensures the ability to access more information, quicker than traditional methods. The intuitive design combined modern technology with a traditional tactical worksheet feel.

Increased Situational Awareness

Increased Command Post Organization

Outstanding Tactics and Strategy Training Tool for Officers

Better Documentation

  • + Clean & Intuitive Design

    Emulating the ease of a traditional tactical worksheet, with a ton of enhanced features, ICx is the simplest-to-learn product on the market for command and control of emergency incidents. Give it a try, and you will agree that it will have the shortest learning curve of all like products.

  • + Incident Timers

    ICx boasts several useful timers for the incident commander. An incident timer keeps track of the total operating time at the incident. In addition, each resource is timed when they are given an assignment, or when they go on air.


    Each resources assignments are also shown in a history view complete with times, allowing the IC to manage time in assignments and rehab.

  • + Incident Log

    ICx keeps track of all assignments, benchmarks, and notes that the incident commander makes. All entries include a time/date stamp and are exportable to PDF for reporting.


    Using the export will make the narrative of NFIRS reports the most thorough accounting of the incident.

  • + PAR Tool

    Personnel Accountability Reports are a necessity for the involved incident commander during key times like strategy change, or following a MAYDAY. This tool let's the incident commander perform a quick PAR check and records the completeness in the incident log.


    Use your finger to select the resource, group/division, or individual firefighter and mark them as accounted for.

  • + MAYDAY Tool

    ICx offers a checklist to assist the incident commander in following department policies and best practices for dealing with the firefighter MAYDAY.  The checklist is configured by the end user department to reflect policy.


    When a MAYDAY is indicated on the command board, a screen snapshot is automatically triggered to reference the assignment/location of all personnel on the fireground along with any benchmarks completes.

  • + CAD Compatible

    ICx can be configured to work with most CAD systems. The CAD interface will automatically enter dispatch information such as scene address. The resources dispatched will automatically populate on your command board, helping the IC begin the tracking of assignments.


  • + Schedule Integration

    ICx will link with Battalion 3's FireRoster scheduling system, and most third-party fire department scheduling programs to populate the personnel assigned to responding units, giving the IC another accountability tool.

  • + Highly Configurable

    ICx is the most user-configurable command product on the market. Almost every component of the command board has the ability to be configured by the end user. Multiple command boards can be set up the same with our backup/restore function.


    Configuration include types of incidents, assignments, visual/audible alerts, pre-determined alarm responses, default radio channel, benchmarks, mayday checklists, scene details, among several other items. Easily match your department's policies and model procedures.

Place your mouse over the different spots on the digital tactical worksheet to see the integrated features of ICx 3.0

NIMS Consistency

Battalion 3 Technologies’ ICx: Incident Command x is Deemed Consistent with NIMS Concepts and Principles By Evaluators.



ICx: Incident Command x, a Windows based incident command, control and accountability program was evaluated by the Supporting Technology Evaluation Project (STEP). STEP is managed by the Preparedness-Technology, Analysis, and Coordination (P-TAC) Center, which is operated by Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) under contract with the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s National Preparedness Directorate (FEMA NPD). The test was performed to evaluate the system’s incorporation of NIMS concepts and principles.


Following evaluation, it was determined that ICx is consistent with all NIMS criteria; Hazards, Preparedness, Communications and Information Management; Resource Management; Command and Management. ICx also applies to 12 Minimum Product Requirements.


*excerpt from report executive summary, full report available to view. Click link to the right for the full report.



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ICx 3.0 Released

JAN 2016


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